Transmissions & Auto repair frequently asked questions

Uncle D’s transmissions and auto repair welcomes anyone who wants answers to questions about the repairs & services offered at our auto transmission repair shop in Hollywood, questions about a car or truck problem, or just general inquiries

What about fluid leaks ?

If you find a puddle of reddish fluid pooling beneath your car where you parked, it’s quite likely one of the gaskets or seals in your transmission has sprung a leak. Rubber seals, gaskets, and o-rings wear out over time and need replacing.

Do you offer financing? What are your payment options?

Yes! We offer a 6 month no interest financing on repairs over $299. We also accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. For our customers who may have bad credit or no credit, we also have additional financing opportunities. Clic here to apply for 0% financing

There is a burning smell. What should i do ?

That  may be an indication that you’re riding the clutch; in other words, you’re needlessly keeping the clutch partially engaged which can lead to damaging it. However, in some cases, your transmission is likely overheating because it is low in fluid, or the transmission fluid is oxidizing and needs replacing.

When should i change my transmission fluid

Change the transmission fluid according to your owner’s manual. Only have a transmission specialist change your fluid to be certain you’re getting the quality fluid and parts you need. Check your fluid regularly, keep an eye open for discoloured or burnt fluid and remember, the transmission is a sealed hydraulic unit, it does not use or lose fluid like some engines do. Therefore if you find yourself adding fluid to your transmission, it must be leaking somewhere and should be inspected by a professional.

What can happen if the differential breaks ?

If you leave it too long and it freezes up when you’re driving you could lose control of your vehicle and other parts like the axle, driveshaft and transmission could be damaged.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Driveshaft?

  • A clunking noise when you accelerate or shift between drive and reverse.
  • Vibration when driving.
  • Squeaking noise while driving.
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