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In today’s era of electronic control transmissions, most of the automatic transmissions are controlled electronically by a computer.

To see what affects the vehicle computer to control the transmissions

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If you wish to minimize the cost of repairing your transmission, stop driving your vehicle once you notice a transmission issue and call us with your vehicle location and we will dispatch one of the towing companies we work with to tow your vehicle to our shop (We Provide Free Local Towing with All of Our Rebuilt/Overhauled Transmission Repair Jobs).

If you catch the problem early on you can prevent an overhaul of the transmission (in most cases that is if the clutch disk hasn’t been burned upon continuous driving and if no internal hard parts have been damaged). If the problem is solely electrical, in most cases, you can fix the electrical issue without the need of removing and overhauling the transmission. Therefore, it is very critical to stop driving the vehicle to prevent any damage to internal parts. If internal parts are damaged, then it will be too late and you will have to overhaul the transmission as well as repair the possible electrical problem that caused the transmission to fail as well.


Once the vehicle is in our shop we will perform Free Preliminary Inspection which includes:


  • Road Testing (if your vehicle is still moving)
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Live Data Reading from your vehicle computer


We perform this inspection to see what kind of information your computer is receiving from its sensors, electronic devices in your vehicle, and transmission. In addition, what signals your computer is sending to the transmission; gear shifting, changing the transmission fluid line pressure via the Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid, etc. 


Once we determine all the above we will contact you with a complete advisory summary in which we will recommend the best route to take in order to repair the vehicle.


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