A transmission is re-sealed to repair external transmission fluid leaks. If you see spots of red oil (or “gold” color oil at lots of late models European transmission) on the ground under your car, your transmission may need to be re-sealed. To check a transmission for leaks, a technician will put the vehicle on a lift and examine the unit for signs of oil leaks. If a leak is spotted at any of the external seals or gaskets and the transmission otherwise performs well, the technician will most likely recommend that the transmission be re-sealed. Most of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car. If the front seal must be replaced, the transmission must first be removed from the vehicle to gain access to it.


When a transmission requires an overhaul, there are two options that you may have:


1.     Remove your existing transmission and overhaul it; then put the rebuilt unit back in your car.

2.     Replace your existing unit with another unit that has already been rebuilt or remanufactured.


PRO TIP: Replacing your transmission with a used one may not be your best option. Used transmissions often have questionable histories that could create a whole new set of challenges. New transmissions, meanwhile, are mostly aftermarket transmissions billed as new but are in fact rebuilt transmissions with new parts.


The cost of the repair is always critical in the decision-making process and understandably so. Transmission repairs are usually unexpected- and unwelcomed. The cost varies depending on the outcome of our diagnostic testing, and we will help you to understand the various factors that come into play. We also offer our customers flexible payment options.


Whichever route you choose, you can trust our transmission experts to get you and your car back on the road.


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